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Your exclusive private taste tutor Mind soothing, empty spiritual comfort. Each rub or squeeze will gives you different reaction, to experience excitement like reality.

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  • Material, real touch and feedback, here with the real chest touch feel vs product touch, you can use the pressure gauge to reflect the way that when the development of hundreds of Mimi for pressure and elasticity test, the final selection of this material The recipe
  • Integrate a variety of sensor action combinations, pressure, pinch, squeeze, rub, to the nipple and other parts, including gravity sensors, acceleration sensors, air pressure sensors, through low-power Bluetooth connected to the phone or Bluetooth headset.
  • Emotional AI, progressive curve, by choosing the character, such as Mature unrestrained, ladies reserved, get along with the longer the more clear your preferences, you also need time to understand her character.
  • VR blessing, immersive interactive experience.
  • follow-up play brain waves
Additional Information

WEIGHT 0.7 kg
DIMENSIONS 7 x 7 x 8 cm